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It’s coming up on two years since I went in to 25th St Studios in Oakland with the other instrumentalists of BIG TRIPPIN to record our first album. Due to the pandemic, all of our recent shows had been outdoors, such as at the Skybridge on Stevenson and UC Theatre Out Front concert series (check out my YouTube channel for clips of us there). These awesome venues drew energetic crowds who were jonzin for live music.

BIG TRIPPIN at Skybridge on Stevenson

BIG TRIPPIN at UC Theatre Out Front

The energy we got from those shows compelled us to finally go into the studio. Our main songwriters Giulio Cetto and Javier Santiago solidified some of the material we’d been playing. Giulio also manifested multiple new compositions for the occasion, bringing 6 or so brand new pieces to me, Javi, and Thomas just days before our studio weekend. The freshness of the material was both a challenge and an opportunity — a challenge because we hadn’t been playing it, but also an opportunity to stretch and go hard on some never-debuted ideas. We brought in a bunch of friends and guests to the studio to both hang and record, including a few Bay Area OGs — you’ll hear about that soon! After a year and change of editing and mixing, the tracks are so good I’m bumping them in my car and forgetting that it’s us. That’s how I know they’re gonna be ready for the world soon. Can’t wait to share it with y’all!

BIG TRIPPIN recording crew at 25th St Studios


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